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Fire Alarms

We’re a BAFE registered fire alarm company with a specialist team of fire protection technicians trained in the design, installation, and maintenance of all types of fire systems. There are wired and wireless fire alarms you can read about on this page, choose depending on new fitting or retrofit, and there’s also Fire Extinguishers and Business Fire Alarm Repair & Maintenance.

Fire alarm systems Dorset businesses have protecting their premises can provide companies with the earliest possible warning of an emergency situation developing. As a fire starts, facilitating the swift and safe evacuation of people from your business premises is crucial. Every second saved through early fire detection will make a massive difference to the ability of your business to fully recover.


Maintenance & Monitoring

Insurers and the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) expect ‘installation and maintenance’ to meet the BS/ EN and BAFE Standards. It is a BS/EN requirement for fire alarm systems to be fully maintained and tested at least twice a year by qualified staff. Secure Alarms also provide a 24-hour service to affect repairs. Remote, 24-hour monitoring of the alarm ensures both the key holder and Fire Brigade are notified of activations.

We only install open systems

Secure Alarms do not sell systems that include ‘closed protocol alarm panels and detectors’. Such systems are only sold via a manufacturer’s appointed agent, thus limiting your choice of service provider. Buyers of such closed protocol systems have found, to their dismay, just how expensive a mistake it can be, leaving them ‘ball & chained’ to the installation company and their increasingly expensive service prices!

Why choose us?

• BAFE approved installation • Designed by Fire Industry Association (FIA) trained surveyors • The system is sold outright • 1 Year parts and labour warranty • Loss Prevention Certificate Board approved equipment • Open protocol systems • No bespoke components (serviceable by any reputable provider

Secure Alarms accreditation

Secure Alarms design and install fire alarm systems for both commercial and residential properties. Secure Alarms are accredited to ‘British Alarm and Fire Equipment’ (BAFE) SP203 approved to: Design, install, commission, handover, verify and maintain fire alarm systems, in accordance with British and European standards.

Fire Alarms systems

Secure Alarms Ltd have been installing fire alarms for over 25 years. The Company caters for all types of applications ranging from domestic properties to large commercial and industrial sites. All of our installations comply to British Standards 5839.


Basic system

A basic fire alarm system allows an easy low cost solution to smaller installations. The detection devices are multi functional containing not only a combined smoke/heat detector but an internal sounder. The versatility of the system enables the installer to drastically reduce the amount of cable used on the installation thus providing a BS5839 compliant fire alarm at a budget cost.


Addressable system

An addressable system provides the user with a complete overview of the installation, the fire control panel will immediately identify the exact location of the activation thus making it easier for the owner or staff to investigate the cause.


Wireless system

Secure Alarms would prefer to hard wire fire systems, however it is quite apparent that in certain applications it is impossible to route cables i.e. listed buildings. The Company can offer a complete wireless solution or a combination of the two.


Monitoring system

Secure Alarms provides a fully compliant monitoring service via an ISO 9000 approved 24 hour call centre.



Fire Alarms require a minimum of two service calls per year. Consumables such as batteries to be replaced at regular intervals.

Secure Alarms are BAFE accredited.


BAFE accreditation is a demanding and exacting process which once achieved provides the general public with an assurance that the fire alarm system meets the latest Fire safety standards, complete with insurance and fire alarm approval.

The newly released CFOA document now strongly recommends third party certification to BAFE Standards by a UKAS accredited company, for all companies who carry out design, installation, commissioning, handover and maintenance of Fire Alarm systems.

This now applies to all Fire detection systems as of September 1st 2008.


If you require fire protection services for your premises then you need to be sure that the companies who provide them meet all the appropriate standards and are independently audited.


BAFE develops Third Party certification schemes with all the interested parties and works with UKAS accredited Certification Bodies to access and approve companies to these standards.


BAFE is supported by the Fire and Rescue Services, Insurers and leading Certification Bodies.

The BAFE scheme has been split into four modules.


For advice from one of our experts
For advice from one of our experts
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