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Fog Bandit 

Secure Alarms can supply and install different types of smoke cloak devices.

Fog Bandit is the proven defence in deterring and foiling out of hours burglaries. Upon detection of an intruder, high speed security fog instantly ejects an immense curtain of extremely high-density security fog, driving intruders out and minimising associated damage.

A single Fog Bandit unit has between 3 and 25 activations from one fog catridge.

Fog Bandit may also be deployed to protect against daytime robberies.

* The criminal is restricted access to the assets so typically there is no loss or loss is minimal.

* Physical contact and verbal assault with staff is restricted and therefore the threat to staff and   associated trauma is minimised.

* By empowering staff with an element of control, an otherwise  control-less and frightening experience can be avoided and the trauma from the aftermath of a successful robbery is minimised.

Intergrated system:

Fog Bandit is an BS EN50131-8 approved product and can be inegrated into an approved intruder alarm system and its sensors to activate the Fog Bandit.

This can be a cost effective method to install Fog Bandit as an extension to the alarm system using the exsiting sensors/triggers that are in place.

A Smoke Cloak or Fog Bandit can be installed to any enviroment.

*Retail shop.

*Office area with expensive IT equipment.

*Commercial warehouse.

*Car sales/Car showrooms.

When the Fog Bandit has activated it normally takes between 20-30 minutes to clear if the area is well ventilated.


World Leader in Active Security

Fastest & highest density fogging system on the market. Exceptionally low running costs. The criminal is overwhelmed by high density fog with in. For criminals worse than getting nothing is getting caught!

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Delivers 28 m³ of fog per second! Projects the fog 6 meters in the first 2 seconds alone! Immediately after the activation of the security fog security device, either manually through a panic button or automatically via a security alarm system

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High Density

The fog reduces visibility to 30 cm (High Density). After dissipation the fog leaves no residue behind. Criminals can’t see their hand before their eyes.

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Outstanding reliability from robust and solid state electronics. Very low maintenance and running costs. Certified to all international norms concerning secure functioning and health and safety criteria.

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